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Of thirteen authors who signed with Rebelight, five are new to the world of publishing. In other words, over 38 per cent of Rebelight authors have chosen to publish their first novel with us!

These days, it seems increasingly difficult for new authors to break into the publishing industry, so why is Rebelight taking risks on unknown talent?

Our mandate. Rebelight was formed by four Canadian writers who lamented with new writers over dwindling opportunities in traditional publishing. Over and over again, we saw well-written, riveting manuscripts rejected by publishers and agents. Rebelight was birthed with a commitment to support talented, dedicated, but not-yet-published writers.

Great stories, well told. We are story tellers and story readers with a passion for high-calibre writing. We believe the best way to get kids to read is to give them books they can’t put down. It’s the story that counts, and great tales come from new writers as well as seasoned authors.

Discovering new approaches. New authors are often unrestrained by a this-is-the-way-it’s-always-been-done mentality, and sometimes, that gives them out-of-the-box ideas and unique approaches to storytelling. With fresh ideas and eagerness to make their way in the book world, new authors are terrific to work alongside. They're inspiring too!

New authors can surprise us. Consider JK Rowling, who was an unknown entity before her Harry Potter series was published. And don’t forget Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame or Marissa Meyer, who retold fairy tales with a sci-fi twist in her Lunar Chronicles series.

Keep your eyes on Rebelight for new authors with great stories to share.

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