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One Bright Future Series: Book 2
Author: Melinda Friesen
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (September 13, 2016)
Young Adult Dystopian: Rielle becomes a Contract again to rescue Nathan from the deadly OneEarth Bank system—the friend she left behind.
Themes: Social justice, slavery, courage, romance
Pages: 252
Softcover: $15.99, ISBN 9781988258003
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9781988258010 

2016-08-01 Flames

Flames of Nevyana
Author: Edward Willett
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (August 1, 2016)
Young Adult Fantasy: Blue Fire’s mystical energy powers and protects Nevyana, but a thief has stolen its secrets. Three sworn enemies must band together to save their people from the ultimate weapon.
Themes: Social justice, racial tensions, coming of age, romance
Pages: 316
Softcover: $17.99, ISBN 9780994839961
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780994839978 

The Art of Rebellion
Author: Brenda Joyce Leahy
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (June 15, 2016)
Young Adult Historical: When an arranged marriage threatens Gabrielle's dream of becoming an artist, she runs away to Paris where she finds excitement and opportunity—and trouble.
Themes: Feminism, courage, coming of age
Pages: 252
Softcover: $15.99, ISBN 9780994839985
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780994839992 

2016-01-07 HBW - Copy - Copy

Hannah Both Ways
Author: Rosie Greenway
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (November 17, 2015)
Young Adult Contemporary: A Twitter prank turns Hannah from popular girl into her school's best bad joke. Can she trust the new kid, or is he part of another ploy to torment her?
Themes: Social media, social justice, romance
Pages: 226
Softcover: $14.99, ISBN 9780994839947
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780994839954 

2016-01-07 BS - Copy - Copy

Broken Stone
Katya's Stone Series: Book 2
Author: Gabrielle Goldstone
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (November 17, 2015)
Middle Grade Historical: Katya leaves her beloved Papa behind when she and her siblings board a train to flee the Soviet Union. How will she adjust to life in her strange new home without him?
Themes: Adversity, courage, resilience
Pages: 164
Softcover: $12.99, ISBN 9780994839923
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780994839930 


2016-01-07 TCCT - Copy

To Catch a Cat Thief
Author: Sean Cummings
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (September 15, 2015)
Middle Grade Humour: Hundreds of cats are missing! Could a race of cat-eating aliens be responsible? Never fear; Penelope and her hippy grandma are on the case.
Themes: Teamwork, grandparents, problem-solving
Pages: 104
Softcover: $10.99, ISBN 9780994839909
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780994839916 

2016-01-07 RS - Copy

Red Stone
Katya's Stone Series: Book 1
Author: Gabrielle Goldstone
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (May 8, 2015)
Middle Grade Historical: Katya is torn from everything she has ever known and thrown into a Siberian forced labour camp. How will she survive cold and hunger and the ever-present threat of lost hope?
Themes: Adversity, courage, resilience
Pages: 164
Softcover: $10.99, 164 pages, ISBN 9780993939082
Ebook: ISBN 9780993939099 


2016-01-07 WH

Wonder Horse
Author: Anita Daher
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc.  (April 15, 2015) 
Middle Grade Contemporary: Settling into a new town isn't easy for Sera—even with her brand new American paint horse. Can she and Wager fit in with the other reiners? 
Themes: Horses, relocating, self-discovery
Pages: 98
Softcover: $10.99, ISBN 9780993939068
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780993939075 

2016-01-07 MIP - Copy - Copy

Missing in Paradise
Author: Larry Verstraete
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (November 3, 2014)
Middle Grade Mystery: A box of clues, a lost plane, and a map pointing to hidden gold. Can Nate solve the mystery his late grandfather left behind?
Themes: Loss, discovery, friends, adventure
Pages: 140
Softcover: #10.99, ISBN 9780993939020 
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780993939037


2016-01-07 EC - Copy - Copy

Empty Cup
Author: Suzanne Costigan
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (November 3, 2014)
Young Adult Contemporary: Mom’s new boyfriend is not only creepy but dangerous. As Raven struggles with the ultimate betrayal, she searches for a better, more hopeful future.
Themes: Dysfunctional families, abuse, coming of age, love
Pages: 176
Softcover: $14.99, 176 pages. ISBN 780993939044
Ebook: $9.99. ISBN 9780993939051


Enslavement by Melinda Friesen

One Bright Future: Book 1
Author: Melinda Friesen
Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Inc. (October 31, 2014)
Young Adult Dystopian: Sold to a wealthy, abusive banker, Reille risks prison or even death to escape with his terrible secrets and save her loved ones.
Themes: Social justice, slavery, courage, romance
Pages: 228
Softcover: $14.99, ISBN 9780993939006
Ebook: $9.99, ISBN 9780993939013