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Story Emporium FAQ

What is the Story Emporium? 

The Story Emporium is a travelling book fair that connects young people, their parents, and their educators to books, music, games, and comics created or produced by Manitobans. It showcases material from Manitoba publishers, authors, illustrators, musicians, game makers, and comic creators.


Why is showcasing local talent important?

-Inspires young people to pursue their own artistic endeavors.
-Builds awareness of and supports the vibrant Manitoba arts
-Gives young people opportunities to meet and learn from local
 artists, authors, and entrepreneurs, creating a deeper
 connection between creators and their audiences.


Where are the book fairs held?

Events are held in school libraries.


How are the book fairs run? What’s expected of school staff and volunteers?

The Story Emporium offers two kinds of book fairs. To host an event book fair, school staff are asked to:

-Hang the provided promotional posters in the school.
-Hand out the provided catalogues to students.
-Promote the event with gusto to get students excited
 about the event!
-Provide a few tables in the library.

The Story Emporium staff take care of everything on  event day. They set up the displays, track sales and orders, and pack up at the end. The help of one or two volunteers is welcome, but not necessary.

To host a virtual book fair, school staff are asked to:  

-Hang the provided promotional posters in the school
-Hand out the provided catalogues to students.
-Promote the event with gusto to get students excited
 about the event!
-Collect and submit the orders by the due date.
-Distribute orders to students.

The Story Emporium will sort, bag, and label individual orders before shipping them to the school.


What does the school receive for hosting a Story Emporium book fair?  

-Schools receive a cheque for 12% of the total before-tax
-Schools receive a 15% discount on products purchased for
 library or school classrooms. Items purchased for library or
 classrooms are not included in the total sales noted above.


Our school already has a book fair. What is different about The Story Emporium?

The Story Emporium showcases creators with Manitoba connections. Students, parents, and educators have direct access to high-quality stories, music and games connected to their home province.


What about a book fair for high schools?

The Emporium for high schools includes media specifically suited for students with maturing tastes. Contact us to discuss options for hosting The Emporium book fair in your high school.


Can rural schools host a Story Emporium book fair?

Yes! The Story Emporium book fairs are available in rural and remote areas up to 100 kms away from Winnipeg.

Virtual fairs are available anywhere. Book fair catalogues and order forms will be shipped to the school. After the orders are collected and submitted, they are bagged, labelled, and delivered to the school, ready to handout.


Who are the featured Manitoba creators?

S.M. Beiko | Kirt Bobbie | GMB Chomichuk | Suzanne Costigan
Anita Daher |Melinda Friesen | Deborah Froese
Achilles Gentle | Gabriele Goldstone | Patti Grayson
Leigh Hambly | MJ Matheson | Colleen Nelson | Kirsten Phillips
Sandra Samatte | Julia Schettler | Alyssa Thiessen
Larry Verstraete | Beryl Young | Harriet Zaidman

Wendy Bailey |Justin Currie |Sheldon Dawson |Jason Doll
Julian Grafauneur | Brian Lund | Sonia Nadeau
Sarah Neville | Eric Peters | Sandor Szucs | Natalie Thiessan

Comic Creators
A.P. Fuchs | Andrew Lorenz |Christine Steendam
Donovan Yaciuk

Game Makers
Basksha Games | Convergent Games | S17
Coscom Entertainment

Heather Bishop | Jake Chenier | Lulu and the TomCat
Fred Penner | Al Simmons

Chasing Artwork | Coteau Books | Doubledutch Books
Dundern | ECW | Native Reflections | Peanut Butter Press
Peasantry Press | Rebelight Publishing | Sleeping Bear Press
Turnstone Press

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The Story Emporium was created by Rebelight Publishing Inc., 
a traditional, Manitoba-based publisher. Established in 2014,
Rebelight specializes in Canadian-authored fiction for young people.